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How To Get Rid Of Tough Stains On Clothes And Upholstery

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Spilling coffee, juice or wine on clothes and upholstery furniture is normal. The challenging part is to remove tough stains without causing damage to the fabric. Of course, the market is loaded with fancy detergents and cleaning products that can help you remove stains with ease, but all contain harmful chemicals and other toxins that can lead to various health problems. If you want to keep tackle different types of stains on clothing and upholstered furniture, read the article I am sharing below on my page. It includes some of the best hacks to treat coffee stains, pet urine stains, dried ink, blood stains, mud and other grime using safe and sound products.

High Court to hear battle between Qantas and Transport Workers' Union over ground crew outsourcing

The long-running battle between Qantas and the Transport Workers' Union (TWU) over the sacking of 1,700 ground staff at the height of the pandemic will move to the High Court in Canberra today.

Qantas will tell the High Court the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked devastating havoc on the airline's operation with an impact on revenue that cannot be overstated.

"From January 2020, Qantas progressively experienced an almost total reduction in travelling passengers and thus passenger flights on its international networks and a very significant reduction in travelling passengers … on its domestic networks," submissions to the High Court say.

Qantas said plans were made to outsource baggage handling and cleaning jobs at 10 airports to shore up its viability.

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A close-up of the Qantas logo on the tail of one of its planes. The sky behind it is clear.

ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold defends decision to block police report during inquiry into Bruce Lehrmann's trial

Previously confidential documents have been released by an inquiry into the prosecution of Bruce Lehrmann which detail concerns police had about his case, as the ACT's top prosecutor today defended his decision not to release them.

The Board of Inquiry, led by former Queensland Judge Walter Sofronoff, is looking into the conduct of prosecutors, police and the ACT Victims of Crime Commissioner during the prosecution of Mr Lehrmann.

Mr Lehrmann's trial was abandoned and there are no findings against him — he maintains his innocence.

The inquiry was set up after the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Shane Drumgold raised concerns he had been pressured by police not to pursue the charge against Mr Lehrmann.

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Brittany Higgins walking into the ACT court with her head down.

How To Clean And Sanitise Your Refrigerator?

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Keeping your refrigerator neat and tidy at all times is necessary for preventing cross-contamination and a fire hazard. But, most of us are guilty of overlooking the appliance during regular kitchen cleaning, which is why the refrigerator can become heavily soiled and stained. It is necessary to clean it every few weeks, for which you can take the assistance of professional cleaners or do it yourself. Don’t know how to clean and sanitise the refrigerator? Here is a complete guide outlining expert tips using which you can deep clean your refrigerator without any hassle or stress. To know more, please read the article now.

ACT Greens call for two-year freeze on Canberra rents and cap on price increases for new tenants

The ACT Greens are calling for a freeze on property rents amid what they say is a housing crisis in Canberra.

Greens leader Shane Rattenbury, who is an ACT cabinet minister, has written to Labor Chief Minister Andrew Barr seeking a two-year freeze for existing tenants.

He has also proposed a two per cent limit on price rises for new tenants.

"This is a crisis, but it is important to understand that this crisis has not evolved organically.

"This is a crisis created by the policies of successive federal Liberal and Labor governments that have consistently favoured the rich over everyone else."

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Attorney-General Shane Rattenbury at a podium in a suit.

Outgoing National Museum of Australia director pushes for institutions to 'be honest' about Indigenous history

Outgoing National Museum of Australia (NMA) director Mathew Trinca has urged historical institutions to "be honest" about the Frontier Wars that marked Australia's colonisation.

Dr Trinca today announced he would step down as director at the end of 2023, opting not to seek reappointment after a decade at the helm of the institution.

In making the announcement, he said the organisation needed "refreshment in leadership".

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Mathew smiles, standing outside in front of the yellow and blue exterior artwork of the museum.

10 Cleaning Hacks Lazy People Will Appreciate

Does your house need a good scrubbing but you are too lazy to do so? Then you need to follow these cleaning hacks that will make even the laziest person good at cleaning their homes. From how to clean everything in your dishwasher to removing stains from your microwave and stove, there are simple and quick solutions that will help you deep clean your home. I too was very lazy to start cleaning my home and removing dirt and grime but once I read this article it became very easy to deep clean my home and make it look good.

Australian cycling champion Chloe Hosking turns to helping junior riders after career left in limbo

Chloe Hosking is one of Australia's most successful road cyclists with more than 40 wins to her name, including Commonwealth Games gold.

But her professional career was left in limbo after the collapse of her French-based team in December left her without a team just weeks before the European season.

"I found out three weeks before the start of the season that I didn't have a job, and that my 13-year career was over," she said.

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Woman cycling with a group of children on the road.

Authorship of APY Lands artwork subject to independent review ahead of national exhibition

The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) has launched an independent review into the origins of the First Nations artwork in its upcoming major exhibition.
It plans to "examine the provenance and creation of the works in the exhibition, to assess provenance authorship and the extent of the 'hand of assistance'".

'Ngura Pulka – Epic Country' has been billed by the Canberra gallery as "one of the largest and most significant" First Nations art projects.

It will showcase works from the APY Art Centre Collective, located on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands in South Australia's Far North, which is a group of 10 Indigenous-owned and governed art centres.

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A large concrete sign with letters saying National Gallery of Australia.

The 10 Best Upholstery Cleaners Of 2023

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Keeping your upholstery neat and tidy is necessary for removing illness-causing germs and preventing it from becoming dust ridden. However, for most people upholstery cleaning is a chore that they put off. Usually, it happens because they don’t have the right tools to do dusting, wiping and other cleaning activities. If it is the case with you, then here is a wonderful guide outlining the 10 Best Upholstery Cleaners of 2023 to keep your furniture germ-free. These items will help reduce your cleaning time and effort. To know more, please read the article now and gain valuable insights.

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