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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner On Amazon

Hey All!
I believe that cleaning the floor is one of the time-taking chores and can be boring for many people. In today’s busy schedules, it is difficult to take time for sweeping and mopping the floor or vacuuming the carpets. In such as scenario, getting a fully-automatic or robotic vacuum could be an ideal investment. You don’t need to fetch dust, dirt, pet hair, pollen and other allergens from your floors because the tool does it for you. The new-age robot vacuums come with advanced features, such as self-cleaning, 3D mapping, self-emptying dust bags and voice assistant to save you time and energy. Read the article I am sharing below and find out the best robot vacuum cleaners on Amazon.

Murray-Darling Basin Authority warns critical basin plan projects will not be completed on time

A range of vital projects designed to meet critical Murray-Darling Basin Plan targets will not be finished on time, the Murray-Darling Basin Authority's new CEO has confirmed. 
Addressing the National Rural Press Club on Tuesday, Andrew McConville revealed the latest assessment of the Sustainable Diversion Limit Adjustment Mechanism (SDLAM) projects predicted a shortfall of 190–315 gigalitres by the time they were supposed to be delivered in June 2024.

"This means the authority will have no choice but to recommend to the federal water minister amended sustainable diversion limits in southern basin catchments," Mr McConville said.

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A narrow river runs through the centre of the image, on either side is a thick blanket of river red gum trees.

Australian Public Service recruitment 'too Canberra-centric' as leaders consider allowing staff to live elsewhere

The federal bureaucracy is over-reliant on Canberra for its workforce and needs to base more staff outside the national capital, a government report says.
The Australian Public Service (APS) is amid a recruitment crisis, heightened by the ACT's extremely low unemployment rate, which is trending at 3 per cent.

While only 38 per cent of the APS's 160,000 employees work in the capital, it is home to the vast majority of senior executives and policy workers.

However, a group of government department heads say this "Canberra-centric" approach to staffing is undermining the APS.

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Cars driving over bridge with Parliament House in the background.

Why Should You Consider Professional Bond Cleaning?

Hello friends,
Cleaning your rental property before ending a lease agreement is crucial to get your bond back in full. You must keep and leave the rental premises in the same condition as per the entry condition report. If you fail to do so, the landlord can deduct money from your security deposit. Hiring professionals for bond cleaning in Canberra is a wise and practical solution to ensure you get a complete bond repayment. There are many other reasons as well for it to be a good idea. For example, you can avoid the stress and hassle of cleaning or getting proper tools and equipment. To know more, read on…

Professional Bond Cleaning

ACT government decriminalises small amounts of illicit drugs including speed, heroin and cocaine

The ACT government has decriminalised small amounts of commonly used illicit drugs, becoming the first jurisdiction to do so in the country.
Under the new law, people found with amounts of certain drugs considered to be "personal possession" — smaller than trafficable quantities — would be subject to fines rather than criminal charges, and be referred for counselling.

The law, which will not come into effect for 12 months, applies to drugs such as heroin, cocaine and speed.

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A man heats something up in a metal spoon.

Jurys still out as they complete their second day of deliberations in the rape trial of Bruce Lehrmann

The jury is continuing their deliberations for the second day in the trial of Bruce Lehrmann, the man accused of raping his former colleague Brittany Higgins in 2019.

Mr Lehrmann denies allegations he raped Ms Higgins and has pleaded not guilty.

The jury on Thursday began its first full day of deliberations after retiring on Wednesday afternoon.

Earlier in the week, lawyers finished giving their closing submissions in the trial.

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A lawyer accompanies Bruce Lehrmann into the court room followed by media.

5 Smart Ways For A House Move

Are you moving homes in Canberra soon and are not sure how to go about it? There are 5 different ways you can handle this move, and you can read all about them in this article I found online. It explains how you can move using a container, a rental truck, a freight trailer, a shipping unit and a full-service removalist company. Check out the advantages and highlights of each method and pick one that suits your move the best. You will be able to move easily and quickly if you pick the right way and will enjoy this move to Canberra.

Ways For A House Move

Most COVID-19 rules wound back as ACT's public health emergency ends

Most of the remaining COVID-19 safety rules in Canberra have been removed as the ACT's two-and-a-half-year public health emergency ends.
As of this morning, Canberrans no longer need to wear face masks on public transport or when using shared transport such as taxis.

Household contacts of infected people no longer need to report their status to ACT Health, and businesses and organisations do not need to have COVID-19 safety plans when they host events.

Vaccine mandates have also ended for staff in aged care and disability care workplaces.

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Young woman wearing a mask in outdoor setting.

AFP moves to protect thousands of Optus customers whose data was released online

The Australian Federal Police has launched an operation to protect more than 10,000 Optus data breach victims whose details were leaked online, as cyber investigators try to identify those responsible.
That announcement comes as Prime Minster Anthony Albanese said Optus had confirmed to him it would cover the costs of replacement passports for all customers affected by the breach.

Around 10 million current and former Optus customers had their personal details stolen, including drivers licence and passport numbers, in a breach last week.

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optus store front

How To Announce Your Office Relocation: 7 Great Tips

Hey Everyone!
Moving an office space to a new location can be challenging. You have to pack everything and relocate safely to the new location. Arrange the meet  up to tell the news of relocation to your employees. Contact the clients, vendors, creditors and customers to announce that you are changing the location and much more. It is important to keep the atmosphere quiet and relaxed if you want to streamline the entire process. Motivate your employees by telling them the benefits of this move. Some may have doubts so clear them as soon as possible. You can discover more tips and tricks with the help of an article shared below on my page.

Moving Offices: The IT Version

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